Culture and heritage

The purpose of our Culture and Heritage Development Project is to promote Irish culture and heritage in Birmingham and develop activities that enhance Irish identity and a vibrant active community.

The project works closely with other community groups including GAA clubs, Irish dance schools, Saint Patrick’s Festival and local schools.

We support a range of Irish Heritage, sport, culture and identity projects in Birmingham to develop wider access to contemporary Irish music, literature and performance. We support affiliate groups with advertising, workshops, publicity, promotion, and events and develop activities that ensures we promote a vibrant Irish identity and a proactive community involvement.

Working in collaboration with other Irish groups, schools, Irish artists, GAA clubs, Irish dance schools and heritage groups to deliver heritage projects and develop new cultural initiatives. We also contribute to the planning and delivery of the Birmingham St Patricks Festival.

St Patrick's Festival remains an important part of celebrating Irish heritage and we continue to work with the Festival throughout the year.

Our schools projects continue to play a major part in educating young children of their Irish heritage which we build on by working with more schools.

We are developing a family tracing service to assist the diaspora in establishing their heritage and gaining a greater understanding of the emigrant experience and the diverse needs of the Irish community both at home and worldwide.

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