Feeding the Homeless on Christmas Day

Trudy McGrogarty from Birmingham Irish Association is planning to open St Anne's on Christmas day to feed the homeless. She will need volunteers for a couple of hours to help with preparing dinner etc, and will also need donations of food, puddings, crackers etc. Any support will be greatly appreciated!

You can now donate to Trudy and St Annes through her 'Just Giving' page here!

Trudy is also looking to give the homeless some hats, scarfs and gloves as by then the weather will be freezing. She said "We would also like Christmas cards, wrapping paper and if anyone out there sings or plays in a band that can spare an hour that day I would be most grateful If you can help in anyway please please get in touch". 

To get in touch, call Trudy at Birmingham Irish on 0121 604 6111 or email trudy@birminghamirish.org.uk