Just arrived?

Each year many thousands of Irish people leave Ireland in search of employment, a life change, or just some adventure.

The most recent statistics suggest that a quarter of Irish emigrants come to Britain (21,900 in 2012/13), and many of those arrive in, or end up in, Birmingham.

While many Irish people have visited places in the West Midlands on a holiday or to see friends, making the move to live and work here can be a very different experience, and although the flight time may be short, there are some cultural differences which can feel jarring for a recent arrival.

We are often asked for advice by prospective or recent arrivals to the city, and we hope that these pages will help those making preparations to have a smoother transition to life in Birmingham. We cannot overestimate the value of planning ahead, and researching everything from areas to live, commutes and local amenities as thoroughly as possible.

Although it can be daunting at first, there are few more exciting and dynamic cities than Birmingham; it offers unparalleled access to career and education opportunities, a vibrant cultural scene, and multicultural city living, with Ireland still only a short journey away.

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