Why we need your support

Every day our support staff are providing crucial help and advice to vulnerable Irish men and women throughout Birmingham. Sometimes it might be just a quick telephone call to see how they are coping today or more often than not it will mean popping in to ensure the person we are supporting has all the necessary day to day needs to get by – things like, hot water, milk, bread and checking they have taken their medication.

Sometimes it’s more serious and a drop in visit can turn into hours, especially if our service user needs medical attention, we won’t leave them on their own in times of crisis, we will ensure that they are taken good care of until everything is in place and back to normal for them.

By making a donation to Birmingham Irish you can help us make a real difference to so many people that we support in and around Birmingham.

We are the only charity in Birmingham addressing these issues with the Irish Community and working face to face where the need arises.

How your money can help:

  • £10 gift

    Will provide an elderly person with an emergency food pack, ensuring they have essential food items for a few days

  • £25 gift

    Will fund basic household items for someone moving into their own accommodation after a period of homelessness

  • £50 gift

    Will fund a visit from our activities co-ordinator to attend a dementia café/group to try and engage them with light seated exercises or line dancing

  • £100 gift

    Will provide 4 therapy sessions for someone in need bereavement support

Ways to make a donation:

By post:

Make your cheque payable to Birmingham Irish Association and post it to:

Birmingham Irish Association,
45 Alcester Street,
B12 0PH

By text:

Text IRIS19 plus the amount, ie £5, to 70070

Bank transfer:

Lloyds Bank
Sort code: 30-84-33
Account number: 19198368

Please put your name as a reference and email to let us know that you have donated.

Many of our supporters prefer to give regular monthly or quarterly donations. There is a simple form to complete and the bank does the rest. Please email to request a standing order form.