Rebuilding a shattered life

Brian's life fell apart after his wife died, followed six months later by his daughter after she had been diagnosed with cancer.

"She saved me from a depression I thought I’d never recover from..."

Brian was a very successful businessman working freelance photography throughout England. His work is famous in certain areas of the country. He lives in a quiet part of Birmingham in a house he shared with his wife and family for 40 years.

Then two years ago his life changed dramatically when Brian’s wife died and shortly afterwards his daughter was diagnosed with cancer and died 6 months later. He hadn’t realised how much he would miss them both and how much he had relied on them for the most simple tasks, like using the washing machine.

A proud man, he didn’t tell anyone how depressed he was, how ill he was feeling or how lonely he was until a member of our staff rang him to ask if he could do some photography for us. He explained he hadn’t worked for almost 6 months and besides that wasn’t feeling well enough to take on any work at the moment; finally he then mentioned that he had lost his family.

Our bereavement support coordinator suggested to him that she would pop over and see him for a chat and a cup of tea and introduced Brian to one of her team. Over a period of 12 months we put in a plan to help Brian come to terms with his loss and learn small steps to getting back to some sort of normal life. Brian is back to taking on small jobs, helps us with our photography needs, free of charge and has mastered the washing machine.

Our team member has helped Brian rebuild his confidence, self-esteem and in his words “she saved me from a depression I thought I’d never recover from.”

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