About a boy

12 year old John would be constantly disruptive at school in the hope he would be sent out where he could then spend time alone.

About a boy

"I'm actually enjoying school now, never thought I'd say that before."

John is 12 years old and hated going to school. When he did go, he tended to be very late turning up. When John attended his classes he would be constantly disruptive in the hope he would be sent out where he could then spend time alone.

The school recognised there was an issue and after consulting with his parents contacted our Family Support Service for help.

Our Family Support Worker met with John to discuss why he was having such problems at school. It then became apparent that John had severe anxiety regarding his ability to complete his school work and take part in classroom discussions and the like.

At the end of the term it was decided that it may benefit John to repeat his current year. His mother was reluctant at first, perceiving the idea as negative; she was also extremely angry at the school about such a radical suggestion.

During the following term John showed significant improvement, appeared much happier and was doing well. His attendance has significantly improved and he is seldom late for school or classes. He is engaging in social activities outside school. His mother is delighted and is now very supportive of the school. As things have become more stable within her family, we discussed the prospect of her doing some voluntary work, starting with volunteering at the school.

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