Advice and support

We are currently providing a vast range of services throughout the Irish community in Birmingham.

Services we provide include welfare advice, extensive information service, alcohol and substance misuse, family support (including service provision within the school setting), general information like passport and pensions advice as well as family ancestry tracing.

Our 14 vibrant activity centres continue to thrive with older groups enjoying activities throughout the year, our bereavement and befriending service now has 12 volunteers. Our statistics provide evidence of need and where we should be extending and enhancing our services. The alcohol advice team have an increase of 26% in brief and extended interventions combined. Our general office provision face to face advice has seen an increase of 28% as well as our primary care team caseloads increasing to 574 total cases throughout the year. Within the coming year we hope to expand our schools project making it available to the wider schools population in Birmingham.

Our objective remains to be the service of choice for all Irish people (with primary or combined Irish heritage) seeking advice, support and information. Birmingham Irish Association enhances the lives of people with Irish heritage providing quality advice and support services that meet the welfare and cultural needs of the Irish community in Birmingham. Our services continue to grow year on year with 3,176 face to face support sessions, a 28% increase on the previous year. 12,744 telephone contacts, and 11,200 attending our elder activity sessions and centres. Our alcohol team, who provide vital interventions have seen an overall increase of 26% in their caseload. We recognise the strength of the community and through the front line support services we provide we can encourage community involvement to our clients, many of whom are vulnerable and isolated. We have adapted to the changing demographic of this group and deliver services locally engaging with the more marginalised.

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